Some thoughts about the UK elections.

Just a few thoughts and opinion, nothing serious or researched.

Note: I am not a UK citizen and have never been in the UK.

While on the one hand I don’t like Cameron he is a Man that can run a country and I cant say I am glad he won I am just glad no one else did. Now lets go to Labour and Ed (Hell yes I am tough enough) Miliband. In regards to him and Harriet Harman my thoughts are more clear, I am glad they lost 24 seats and I only wish they would loose even more.

First of all there is the “ban islamophobia” thing that pissed me off. There is already the  Racial and Religious Hatred Act 2006 so its not that its a problem that we have to do something about.  He knows that Muslims are a big voting block so there is the motive. And most important as Leo McKinstry said “In Miliband’s Britain, it will become impossible to criticise any aspect of Islamic culture, whether it be the spread of the burka or the establishment of Sharia courts or the construction of colossal new mosques. … If he wins, Miliband will ensure that the accelerating Islamification of our country will go unchallenged.”. The british suffer from extreme political correctness (my favourite example is not putting mulsim paedophiles rapists to jail so they wont be called racist), so how could one think even for a moment that this is a good move (oh yes they are fuck-wits). Lastly there is the This is what a feminist looks like t shirt thing but its a minor thing in the sea of bullshit.

Moving to the SNP I dont have anything really to say, but I am eager to see how things will go out. Next is Nick Clegg with the Liberal Democrats poor guy, they lost 48 seats. The poor guy thing goes to how he was treated after his apology(which made me like him quite much I have to say. The apology that is) . Well he is over so no point talking about him so lets go to UKIP.

I don’t like them, especially after the cancel DW bullshit that Nigel said but after seeing how they are treated  makes me want to defend them ( I am referring to him, his wife and their fucking children being attacked by leftist idiots). Only thing that got my curiosity was the fact that despite getting 12% of the votes they only got 1 seat.

So that concludes my rambling. I am S. have a good day.

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