Feminism Existence and the Reason.


So, here again to discuss a matter that i have been brainstorming for some time now, concerning Feminism. I have recently been reading the book “Why Leaders Lie” by John Mearsheimer and i’m trying to translate everything i see to gain-lose analogies, to try and reach the core of the movement.

Feminism, as we all know, is a global ‘fraud’. It is only here to take the place of the Holy crusades, since religion has ‘lost’ to science by uneducated pricks and their endless slander about a matter they hardly know anything about or understand.

Now one can wonder, what does Feminism have to do with the Holy crusades? Now, this is a long discussion, so i will make a simple comparison and go deeper into this thought in another post.

-One great imaginary enemy and its followers:

Crusades: The muslim God and his followers, the muslims.

Feminism: The ‘patriarchy’ and it’s followers, the males.

Conclusion: None of the attacking groups understand the ‘enemy’ and both show an extreme fanaticism in exterminating it.

-One common ‘power’ to unite them all, under the strict guidance of its ‘wordbearers’.

Crusades: The Roman Catholic priests.

Feminism: The bloggers and vloggers.

Conclusion: Its called demagoguery at its finest.

-Portrays itself as an innocent movement.

Crusades: We just want our right to visit the Holy lands and pray!

Feminism: We just want to be able to vote and work!

Conclusion:  Leading through the idea of being the real victim.

-The promise of a ‘better world’.

Crusades: If you fight for us, you will go to a great place, in the name of good!

Feminism: If you fight for us, you will create and Earthly paradise, in the name of equality!

Conclusion: Convince the people that they will receive something great in the end, and they will do what you want.

-We are the good ones, because the scriptures say so!

Crusades: Christianity is all about good, look at the bible!

Feminism: Look at the dictionary meaning!

Conclusion: If its written, it doesn’t mean its true. Seriously…

-The destruction of opposition.

Crusades: Burns books of the old religion. Forces all material written to be Christianity-friendly.

Feminism: Burns books about males, deletes comments on their pages that may ‘trigger them’ . Force all material written to be Feminism-friendly.

Conclusion: It is a common tactic to destroy opposition so that people cannot be educated in other way than your own.


(Let me answer to myself.)


Why does Feminism exist? Did it really do anything? Did it really ever “fight for equality”? Were women ever really oppressed? I’ll get back to these in future posts.

For now i wanted to set a few ideas about the reason of existence of such a hate move, apart from the obvious “hate movements attract the most followers”.


-Economical and Financial improvements for the ‘large heads’.

We all know very well that women tend to be the ones who spend the most money (on hygiene products, beauty products, useless clothes/shoes over-shopping and other useless stuff whose abundance is not needed) between the two genders. Thus, if men are semi-forced, like we are today, to spend money on a woman’s place for dinners, accomodation, gas, etc. we essentially allow women to spend more on other stuff. Thus the economy flows closer to those who sell useless stuff.

To conclude this idea i’d also like to go a bit back. When Feminism ‘first started’ it was to ‘make women free’ by giving them ‘the freedom of working’. Dumb as most women are, and guided by KKK women (more about this matter in another post too), they followed, essentially adding workforce and leaving black semi-slave women (muh equality) take their positions in the hourse. Mens’ wages were lowered because there was more workforce, men never complained because it happened slowly, and now both man and woman in a relationship -need- to work in order to sustain a home, while back then the man working was enough.

So, instead of having man work, bring food and manage economics and woman cook, take care of children and clean the house, now we have both trying to do both. Because this is impossible, people are hired to do it. So, basically, half the couple’s money goes to what would the woman anyway do at home, so essentially people are being payed for half the amount they would be if Feminism did not exist, -and- do not have time to pursue other goals.


-Women are easier to control.

Men and women react differently to influence. A man’s natural role is to become the alpha male, the dominant, the leader. The woman’s natural role is to sit back and play a more passive role, the one of the follower (i will make a specific post with facts at some point). Thus the woman is easier affected and controlled. At the same time, the woman has a strong grip to man’s emotions due to the fact that men nowadays are starving for sex (more on this one too at a later date). So, by controlling women, who can easily be controlled by an archetype set by society as alpha male, you also control most men and our natural need for reproduction. Bingo!

Make a law that forbids men from getting sex, make sex sound immoral, have men crave for it, use women to manipulate that, manipulate the manipulators. Sounds like a perfect strategy to me!


-Women have no other actual ‘use’.

Women generally tend to choose the easiest jobs, have never invented anything of great use or importance (but muh oppressed women, yeah yeah i’ll get to you shortly with another article disproving this, for now read this) and are actually less capable physically and mentally -as an average-.

Add to that the fact that women lie and cheat much easier and you’ve found the perfect job for them!


So, in conclusion, this has been bugging me for some time and i shared my thoughts on this. Any constructive answers are highly appreciated, and any hate please be directed at your own anus.

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