The broguide. – How to drop that chick.

Ok, first of all, if you are here you are most likely never going to drop the chick in the featured image (even if you take out the photoshop cream). But do not despair. Let me tell you a few secrets to better understand a woman’s psychology. Let me take away one of your illusions first…

Women do not react like men in a relationship.

1563e04680286a3b4b7a8c1a30fa5d88 There are a few different aspects of men that attract women and i’m going to do the breakdown in a minute. For now let me explain the logic behind my words. To also be here you should have, at least, noticed that in our society women have the upper hand. And this is natural, taking into account a few things.

First things first, women are inherently much more social than men by nature. That’s why they strive in a place where violence, survival and self sufficiency is not a thing. When humans still lived in nature, men would spend a lot of time going out and hunt. Hunting requires silence, success and action. And that’s why these three words characterize all Alpha males, and also are the way we men interact successfully with each other.

Women on the other hand would stay behind in the cave/settlement/clearing and spend their time getting food ready, taking care of children and gathering herbs/berries/fruits. Their hierarchy was formed with the eldest on the top (just like men in this one) and then followed the females that were able to seduce and be with the most capable (not strongest, contrary to popular opinion) Alpha male.

While not working they would spend time socializing, making each-others’ hair (the lower in the command chain would be the caretakers of the higher ups, thus it is now considered “rich” to have your nails/hair done by another woman) and trying to decorate themselves to attract the “best” male (i am going to analyze male social structure in another post). primitive-beasts-and-cavemen

But enough with the prehistory lesson. Let’s go to the reason you came here. Go here and read it thoroughly, then come back.


Back already? Good. Now for the breakdown is said i’d deliver earlier.

Dropping a woman to her knees and making her want to devour every last drop of your life juice is pretty simple (on a theoretical way). 50% of the way to do this is your “real life assets”, and the other 50% is your assertiveness capability.


Real life assets are what you have to give to a woman that would grant her an advantage. These are divided into 4 things, and the more you have the better your chances.

– Money.

Due to our society, wanting money is a “slutty”/”whory” thing to want, so women will deny this. But no woman ever went to an Italian restaurant after a spa and before a small cruise trip and said “oh, i’d prefer to stay in the basement eating pretzels”. Even if they do, they are either liars or hypocrites to their own self. And, somehow, accepting all of the above to give sex as a cheap trade-off is not a slutty behavior…

– Fame.

Remember earlier when i said that a woman’s worth is judged by the male at whose side they are? Well, this works like that. A good example is the Medieval nobility gaining/losing prestige when they married someone higher/lower in hierarchy. Women want a man who is adored by others. The number of “fans” is important, though it heavily depends on the number of fans that the female has. And that’s the reason our society has gone wrong, because women have more fans than men (due to sex starvation) and thus are higher-up in the hierarchy of fame, thus seeking even higher ups to promote themselves.

– Beauty and Style.

Now this one’s a tricky one. Beauty and style are judged differently in different countried, but the general rule is to go the male paradise bird way. Attract by appearance, cleanliness, moving finesse, dancing capabilities, honeyed rhetoric, colorful clothing, expensive wear, etc. Women are easily manipulated by all these (just take a look at advertising targeted at women), though the exact things you have to do are dependent on the place you live and the place the female lives.

– Physical Strength.

“Really women are still attracted to this?”. Yes. Yes. Yes they are. Women may -need- less sex than males to remain sane but they want it as much. And a strong looking body may be the difference between getting the chick and staying with your dick. This is the easiest of the 4, as it comes naturally to us non-feminized men. Even if you think you can’t do it, just start exercising correctly for a few weeks, push yourself, and then you’ll see you won’t be able to survive a week without working out at least once.


Assertiveness capability is the ability to be “Alpha maleish” and is a real accomplishment in today’s society. This is divided to more categories.

– Being silent, resourceful and active. Like described above, this is the main way that successful men should be. Some times, depending on the female you wish to hit on, it doesn’t even matter the subject in which you succeed. Hell, you could be good at math and present it in a way that will make her drip. And the way to do it is to present it as an important success, -subtly- showing her your superiority over your co-contestant males and even her. The hard part? You have to do it with as less words and as much action as possible. How exactly you are going to do it is up to you.

– Develop social strength (which i will go into more in another post). For more information google shittesting.

– Be calm. And i mean it in the most perfect zen calm way (with less smug). It is not enough to just supress your feelings and hide them. You need to learn to stay calm under fire. I had a kendo teacher (the best martial arts teacher i ever met) who taught us a way to exercise being calm. While meditating, he asked us to imagine that a horseman with his sword was coming to decapitate us and we had to not move from our position. This, along with the quote: “If you can solve your problem, then what is the need of worrying? If you cannot solve it, then what is the use of worrying?” helped me personally.

– Act as if you are far superior that most other men and the women. Do not acknowledge their existence unless it is something worth your time. If she starts moaning (not in the good way) about how you do not love her, how you are bad, etc., remain calm and do something else. Ignore them completely. If they act in a way -YOU- do not like, they are not worth your time. When their hysteria stops (which, i guarantee you, in 99% of the occasions it happens, it will cure itself through time) then acknowledge their existence, and be a little bit extra “sweet”. In psychology, in this ay, you “reward” their “surrender” and make their subconscious understand the message that you are better and if they don’t behave, they’re going to be ignored. If you want more tips on this, search the terms “Dog Training” in Google. And i am not joking.

– Belittling your fellow men is also a tactic, which i am not going to help you with, because if you are looking for something like this, you should be out of here. And, if you are one of those guys constantly doing this, i hope you get a dildo so far up your arse that people will think you got a second tongue.


– Conclusion.

“But i am a nice guy!”. Yeah. Good for you and i salute you. Being nice in today’s society is hard and rewarding only to one’s own self. But to attract women, you have to “shake that ass and break that ass“. You have to be what nowadays is considered a douchebag. You have to care about yourself and then about others. I once saw the best advice from a dog training article. You have to be a “good natured tyrant”. You should care about others, but first care about yourself. You have to be the leader even if others -seem- to not like it, but at the same time care about your followers.

Every single kind act you do for a woman (and for other men, but this is not our subject right now) is seen as weakness, because when you do it you essentially lower yourself, sacrifice something of yours, to give to someone else. That is how servants act, that is what slaves do. If you want to be good, do it without showing it, for self gratification (or for political reasons, but once again this is a different subject). Hide that weakness of your, because being strong will help you being kinder.

And, in the end, stop focusing your life on getting a chick/wife/woman/girlfriend. Life is much more than that. Put it aside, and you’ll see that people will be more attracted to you. Because a man who pursues his own goals is a successful man, and one truly going their own way…



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