The unconquerable man oath.

I have recently been thinking about it, reflecting on what being a man means. Before your ego strikes you in the head and you leave, this is not yet another article about what “a true man” should be. This is an article about an oath, a vow, a promise, i came up with which reminds me of all that our gender stands for. Feel free to take it.

by Bobbie Carlyle
by Bobbie Carlyle

I am a man, so i shall act like a man.

1. I will carve a path where i go, i will build a home where i stand and i will make the Earth tremble when i wish. For this is what my forefathers did, and i shall stand worthy of them.

2. I will not kneel down for man, woman or God alike. For surrender is not a word known to me, even when facing that which scares the most.

3. I am a fortress made of stone and steel. Those who reside inside me shall find peace, and those who try to bring me down will only harm themselves.

4. I am honor and i am bravery. Thus, i shall defend the weak worthy of my protection, and shall pity those who are not. But mercy is not something one should expect of me, for it only favors the weak.

5. I will never strike the weak unless provoked, i will never pass judgement without thought, i will never disrespect the worthy and strong. For i am born a warrior and not a beast.

6. I will always remember my allies. My blood brothers (family who think likewise), my journey brothers (close friends) and my war brothers (the free men). For it is when common men work together that they achieve uncommon things.

7. I shall not lie, cheat, manipulate or betray. For this is the work and machinations of lesser men below me. But i will also remember that not everyone is willing or strong enough to know the truth.

8. I will act more than i will speak. I will build more than i will destroy. I will save more than i will condemn. For i am a creator, not a parasite.

9. I will be afraid of no one and nothing for i am fear incarnate. I am steel, i am fire, i am the sun and a warrior. I am a man.

10. I shall fulfill my destiny, and then, when death comes to claim me, i shall die knowing that all i was is truly all i should be.



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