The abusive girlfriend. A guide to get off that shit.

“Women are pretty little snowflakes, soft to the touch and sweet in the heart. They are butterflies that need special care, otherwise they die. They are angels upon the Earth, sent here to save mankind.”

Yeah… No…

The nature of the woman is really different than man’s. And that is biologically and socially proven. It is the nature of woman to be semi-parasitic, leeching off what man makes. I say semi-parasitic, because the difference between a typical evil witch and a more ladylike or womanly figure is this:

The second one will try to give something in return!

Remember all those times your beloved girlfriend told you you do  not pay enough attention to her? This is pure social manipulation, and it is what women are good at. By paying attention to a certain individual you acknowledge their superiority.


Remember the “do not speak to the public” tactic that many famous people do? Have you seen an unpopular person becoming popular and their transformation? In the begging, they are all “i kindly serve and answer questions” and then they become “not enough time to answer, see you later”. And this is because they consider themselves superior. And superior people gather the attention of the lessers, while they pay attention only to even more superior people.

Vuala! And that’s what your girlfriend, who constantly tries to take you away from your favourite hobbies, is essentially asking you. Let me translate:

Girlfriend: “We do not spend enough time together. You play those stupid games all the time!” (add “buhuhu you don’t love me”, “i am going to find someone else”, etc. drama here)

Translation: “You have lowered my hierarchy level lower than of that machine. I will try to intimidate you into forfeiting what you like so that i have more control over you than that other thing you are doing.”

And you know what happens to people who let their girlfriend/wife/etc. become superior? They either lose her, or become a paying cuckslave. Because women will always try to reach for the alpha male.


“You are not emotional enough!”, “You are too angry!”, “You are overzealous!”, “I like soft sex and not being anally raped by your awesome manhood!”. All lies. Filthy, woman lies. They are all shittesting tactics. Women wish to have male slaves and reproduce only with a single male, all of them. If you give in to this shittesting, then congratulations, you are a slave.

You know what buddy? If she doesn’t like you, if she doesn’t like the way you are, she can go run behind other dicks that will slap her in the face, and then she will be crying and saying “where are all the good men”. She doesn’t want a guy who gives in to her demands. Why?

Simple. The woman is a follower in nature (at least in human nature). When you do what she wants, you drop to a level lower than the follower, which is the servant. If you break down more, you drop yet another level, which is that of the slave. And you know what women don’t like? People equal to or inferior to them, especially men.


“I love you!”

This time i am not going to use the word lie because it does not apply. But i will call this a misunderstanding.

Women do not love like men do. Love is only something a man can feel, and it is that feeling where you really wish to be with that someone who caused you this malfunction. Do women ever feel this thing? They could, but for really different reasons than we do. Women want that alpha male, that movie star who seems to be more awesome than you in a thousand ways.

And that’s why i’m saying women do not, and cannot, love anyone who does not provide them with something, except for young children [insert child molestation joke here, women increasingly rape a lot of children lately]. They will never feel the attraction you do man.


“I do not care about how much money you have or your social status!”


If you really are so naive to believe this, please go wank to some pony porn!

Women care about what you provide (like i said earlier) AND about your social status. We men usually do not care about it because there is a natural position for each of us in the hierarchy. But women, oh women! If you have a good woman friend, you can ask her about how the “female gangs” were in school. Remember those stupid social series where the women “fight for hierarchy (though it is depicted falsely)”? It is because all they care about, is to become the woman with the higher status so that they are the ones who can get the alpha male without being challenged! Well, this does not always apply to nowadays society (mostly in schools), but the instinct remains.

Let me give you a small example. What is the main thing that social people look at each other? Right, hair. Both sexes watch over their hair, as they know it holds power. Now, watch closely what is the first thing women target when they “fight” each other in videos in youtube. Exactly! Because they instinctively know that damaging one’s social status is much more important that hurting them physically!


And, the last one, partly explained before too. The intimidation tactic.

Women instinctively know very well that they are in a higher position than the average man because they control one basic instinct of man. Reproduction. And with it, an army of white knights ready to serve “m’ladies” because they hope that what they see in movies will work and they will drop the chick with their “finesse, chivalry and kind heart”. Which she will use to do her dirty job for her, since women rarely do anything themselves.

And here’s a real challenge. These white knights army will gank up on you and use any social tactics they have learned to defend “m’ladies”. And if you lose and give in, you drop to their level. What level is that? Of the slave. Soon, it’s going to be no chick for you either, but you can beg to lick some grass if you are a good boy.


To reach a conclusion. You are not a slave. You are not someone’s toy to play with. You are not someone’s extra bank account.

Wake up. Realize that you are awesome. Realize that you can do great things. Stop underestimating yourself. Stop your hopeless self-destruction. No woman deserves to step all over you.

Women are below you. They must be thankful that they are in a relationship with you, not the opposite. They must win your attention, not demand to get it. Do not acknowledge them unless they do what you want.





(Some helpful links to strengthen your social power:)







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