The freedom paradox.

Ok, let me destroy the dream for you.

You can never achieve true freedom for everyone, even in an idealistic society.

Freedom implies that a person is able to do anything. Even if we bypass the obvious barrier called “nature’s rules” and restate this statement as “Freedom implies that a person is able to do anything naturally possible.”, it is still not possible to achieve for everyone.

The reason i’m posting this paragraph is because i am sick and tired of the old narrative usually used by “progressives”:

Logical Person: “You should not do [political subject].”

Dumb Idiot: “I am free to do whatever i want to. I believe in equality blah blah…”

Logical Person: “Then i am also free to stop you. Since i am an equal to you, i am equally free. Thus, i am free to make the choice of stopping you.”

Dumb Idiot: “Your freedom ends where my begins.”

Logical Person: “Then i am essentially neither truly free nor equal to you. You make the choice of not disturbing another person’s freedom because you are free to do that. But i am not able to exercise my freedom by stopping you. Thus you have “more freedom” than i do, which makes you superior to me in this matter, which also goes against your beliefs of equality. In the end, you are essentially enjoying the freedom of taking others’ freedom away, which makes your freedom break the rules of not using your freedom to take others’ freedom.”

Dumb Idiot: *Block/Mute/Avoid/Ban/Whatever.*

Now do you understand why putting your mouth on replay, reciting this old illogical phrase, is the most stupid thing you can ever do?

Thank me later.



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