The freedom paradox.

Ok, let me destroy the dream for you. You can never achieve true freedom for everyone, even in an idealistic society. Freedom implies that a person is able to do anything. Even if we bypass the obvious barrier called “nature’s rules” and restate this statement as “Freedom implies that a person is able to do […]

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The unconquerable man oath.

I have recently been thinking about it, reflecting on what being a man means. Before your ego strikes you in the head and you leave, this is not yet another article about what “a true man” should be. This is an article about an oath, a vow, a promise, i came up with which reminds […]

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Master list for anti-feminism.

Hello and Welcome. This post is a masterpost of masterposts, we gathered all the big posts from various tumblr’s and sites with thousands of links all in one place. We have given credit to everything we have taken and we have no responsibility if the feminists that you show this to get triggered and pass […]

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